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Why Equity Release?

If you are in retirement, it is time for you to finally be able to do what you want and when you want. Retirement should be a time to look forward to. It should be a time filled with peace of mind and comfort. However, you might not be able to truly enjoy your retirement due to a number of reasons. 


Your retirement income might not be keeping up with inflation and cannot meet your daily needs.

You might not be able to go on that vacation that you have always dreamed of going on. 

You might not be able to make those improvements to your home.

You might not be able to replace that old worn-out car you have been driving your entire life.

You might not be able to help your children or grandchildren financially.

These are just some of the restrictions and limitations that you might be experiencing in retirement that may be keeping you from having the retirement that you truly deserve. What if we told you that the solution to these issues and so much more can be found in your home? That’s right! You can unlock the value that is tied up in your home by taking out an equity release plan.

Thousands of retired homeowners in the United Kingdom have been using equity release plans to provide a safe and secured method of releasing income for them during retirement to help them improve the quality of their life. You can be one of these home owners!!!

What can You do with the Money Released?

Help your children or grandchildren financially.

Pay for health care and treatment

Pay for your grandchildren’s education

Repay any outstanding loans or debts 

Go on a vacation

Make improvements to your home

Fund any major purchase such as a new car 

How can Income Guard Help?

Opting for an equity release plan is a major decision that will change your life. It is a great solution but it may not be the best solution for everyone. We at Income Guard are experts in the field of equity release and are here to offer you professional advice on equity release.

Top Equity Release Providers

We want to make sure that if you do opt for equity release and take out a plan that you are taking out one of the best plans available. That is why we only work with a range of carefully selected equity release providers. These are providers whom we can vouch for. We can guarantee you that a plan with any one of these providers will definitely meet your needs and circumstances.


Expert advice

Our team consists of equity release specialists who will fully review your circumstances and assess if equity release is the best option for you. If it is, they will proceed to assessing the impact that it will have on your tax position and your eligibility for state benefits. Furthermore, they will help you to understand how it will affect the inheritance you plan on leaving behind for your loved ones.

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Happy Clients

We have helped many of our clients to have a financially secured future. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

Income Guard has made the process of obtaining my equity release plan simple and easy. They have dealt on our behalf with the providers and solicitors and have offered us good advice and have paid close attention to all of the details pertaining to our process. Thanks for the great service!
By Vernon C. Hendrickson

Happy Clients

We have helped many of our clients to have a financially secured future. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

Our application process for a lifetime mortgage at Just Retirement was quick and easy. The advisor that was responsible for our case was dedicated to the process and worked really hard to make sure that there were no glitches.
By Debora D. Salisbury